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About Team Sportswear Direct

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Team Sportswear Direct

TSD is here to earn your business. We offer incredible deals on fully customized sports uniforms and apparel. Look no further than Team Sportswear Direct is an American owned company, here to serve the world.

We are coaches and former executives, seeking to serve communities in the U.S. and across the globe. We believe in quality at a fair price and will not settle for anything less for our customers, or should we say friends. Once we have done business that is what you will call us.


We are here to level the playing field. We understand that all budgets are not the same. Some are more limited than others. TSD seeks to be your first choice for fully customized uniforms and sports apparel. We take the hassle out of the decision making process. 1 price for everything that you want on your uniform. All options included. With our wonderful prices, professional quality and timely shipping you will know …. With Team Sportswear Direct;

You are always in 1st place!


Team Sportswear Direct Policy

The following requirements must be met in order to start the manufacturing process for you custom uniforms. Please note that until all of the requirements below are met, production will not commence on your order. We encourage all customers to be diligent and prompt in satisfying these requirements in order to insure that your fully customized uniform order is produced and shipped prior to the date that they are needed.

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